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vSMR Error

Hello All,

I have recently installed the plugin vSMR for Euroscope. I have an issue with it. I have an ASR file called "Dublin Ground", and, when I created it on Euroscope, I clicked on "New SMR Radar Display", and I set it up, with just stuff for Dublin Ground, and I set the Simulation Mode to "Easy Ground", I know when John is live streaming and he switches to the Dublin Ground Display he sees an aircraft then a red box then the A/C type and Departure I think. But my problem is, I have got vSMR newest version installed, I have typed in ".vis EIDW" into the server bar on Euroscope and no planes show up! But, I have another Radar Display that wasn't made with "New SMR Radar Display", I created it with "New Radar Display" and I can see planes on Dublin Ground! But not with the Dublin Ground File with New SMR Radar Display!!

If anybody has had this bug/error and fixed it could you please help me! :D

Kind Regards,
Hi Adam,
Have you tried putting EIDW in the grey bar at the top of euroscope? By default I believe its LFPG click on it and change it to EIDW.
Hi Ciaran,

I don't see any Grey Bar at the top of my Euroscope, all I see is this :

Do I have it installed incorrectly because I followed all of the steps?
Also, I've got aircraft to show up now.
Well, that view that you linked is the regular default Euroscope tags. If you go into Plugins Settings click on vSMR and check that it is allowed to draw on Standard ES Screen. Now if you select your vSMR Radar Display the grey bar should appear.
Oh Thank you!

It worked! Thanks Alot.

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